Wayne is the owner, producer and on air talent for V3FM.

Wayne's radio career started in 1988 in Rotorua NZ when he was doing the graveyard shift at 1XF Radio Te Arawa. He went on to start his own mobile DJ business and was the most successful DJ in the city. Within a month of starting his own business, he was the only mobile DJ in Rotorua. Every other DJ ended up working for Wayne as they couldn't compete with his service.

Wayne studied music at the Jon Hughes School of Music, and is a qualified sound and lighting engineer. Wayne went on to join forces with Steve Johnson of CD5 Discos. CD5 Discos is still running to this day.


Nina is the co-owner, and business manager for V3FM.

Nina grew up in Sydney, Australia and studied at Sydney Technical University. After a while, she went to London to study law and did this for a couple of years before returning to Australia to race cars with her brother. She worked at her dads company in Sydney before moving to NZ in 1991. Nina is an integral part of V3FM and gets actively involved in promotions, keeps an eye on Wayne and is also a devoted mum.


Steve is the music guru and part time on air talent for V3FM.

Steve started CD5 discos in 1984 after working as a DJ in Hamilton for a local business. His radio experience started at Hamilton hospital with Tonic Time Radio. While he was there, Steve learnt how to put a 3 show together and learnt the different styles of music. In early 1984 he decided to buy and sell CDs as opposed to vinyl and cassette tapes - a concept that had never been done before in the DJ or radio industry. It was also the first time you could rent, buy or swap a CD in his shop in the Riverbank Mall. He met Wayne in 1989 in Auckland, who worked as his number 1 DJ for 2+ years, then he left to do his own thing out in the music industry. Steve & Wayne were the first DJs in New Zealand to use both CDs and graphic equalisers in their DJ rigs, and aslso designed and built their own gear. Steve and Wayne ran their DJ company in Auckland until 1999, at which point Steve retired and moved to Australia. Steve joined V3FM in February 2014 and ran our Brisbane studio before relocating back to NZ and working from our Auckland studio. Steve is now based in Brisbane, Australia.