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Bob Stei

1990 was a key year in the American based Bob Stei’s life. He turned 20, made a brass decision to attend Manhattan College in New York and took over the campus radio station, which became his raison d'etre! Since then, the once Baltimore and now Philadelphia native has been working up and down the dial with stops including WIYY Baltimore, WMMR, WMGK and WRFF Philadelphia, WBAB Long Island, WZZO Allentown, WCHR-FM New Jersey Shore, WCZT Atlantic City and the list goes on. Stei now hosts he weekly “Grunge Garage,” a tribute to the Grunge and Britpop, the music that made the 1990s. The Morrissey obsessed host (whose son’s middle name is actually Morrissey) will also have an hourly Moz song during “Mandatory Morrissey.”

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