We're back!

We've been busy here at V3FM... we're adding some new shows you will be sure to enjoy.


Malwyn Williams comes in on Saturdays at 5pm with a trip back to the 60's, 70's and 80's. Join Mal as he takes us down memory lane and visits those years of the 60’s 70’s and 80’s  - those individual years and months of those decades we love to hear. We recall a brief history of the time as well as have some song facts too, we will be reminded as to the groups that were around and doing well in the year as well as films and tv shows that were being seen. A busy individual hour show for each year. Please do look out for show times and join him when you can.


A classic american show, That Thing with Rich Appel joins us on Sundays at 9pm. THAT THING with Rich Appel is the only classic hits radio show that brings back the sound - not just the songs!

If you loved the era of fast-paced top 40 radio - where DJs talked up to the vocals, the jingles stood out, and the commercials were almost as good as the hits - you're sure to like THAT THING with Rich Appel. 

THAT THING is a three-hour celebration of that radio every weekend, highlighting those jingles, commercials and all the hits, with features such as “The Slow Dance Make-Out Song of the Week” and “The World’s Shortest Countdown,” plus songs carefully chosen to match each weekend's birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and other events.

​THAT THING is, more than anything, about having FUN...and bringing the fun back to radio every weekend.


If you love your grunge, Rob Stei's Grunge garage will be right up your alley on Saturdays at 9pm. The Stei Radio Network is an unusual musical trip hosted by Philadelphia native and radio veteran Bob Stei. The four-hour ride begins with an hour of Classic Hits and Rock, with a few stories and snarky comments thrown in. Then, it’s the “All 1980’s Request Hour” where we will cuff our acid jeans and discuss our memories while playing some of the greatest songs from the decade. Before you can get too crazy with the Aqua net, it will be time for the “All 1990’s Hour” and a visit to Grunge, Britpop and beyond. The final hour is tribute to Stei’s musical idol Morrissey with a block of Smiths and Morrissey songs during “Mandatory Morrissey” before finishing up with some great Classic Rock and Hits songs! The Stei Radio Network is interactive and a lot of fun. You’ll also hear about life in suburban Philadelphia with three kids and four pets! Come take the journey with The Stei Radio Network​!